Established to educate prospective users about the various heavy equipment usually seen in construction sites, The EPC Tech Engine has become the most preferred site for knowledge regarding these earth movers. With our mission to save you from spending much on some unreliable brands, our excellent and detailed reviews of different brands will definitely help you have an informed decision.

As earth moving heavy equipment have their own functions in the construction process, having these different types of equipment will speed up jobs as they can handle towing jobs, demolition, grading and construction. From excavators to bulldozers, graders, trenchers, scrapers, dump trucks and the different types of loaders such as back hoe, skid steer, and crawler we have all the necessary information on various brands from all over the world.

As the quality of the constructed project can depend much on completeness and condition of construction equipment used, you would not like to besmirch your reputation as a first class construction company.