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Drones are machines which are designed for aerial photography and recreation. There are different types of drones in the current market. Buyers should buy drones that fit their intended operation. Some of the essential factors that one must put into consideration when buying a drone include camera specs, battery life, pricing, and responsiveness to the drone’s flight software.

Drones used by professional photographers have long flight times, remarkable flight characteristics, high-resolution cameras, lightweight, and compact. Some of the recommended drones used in aerial photography include the Mavic models. They have advanced features that make them ideal for aerial shots and spontaneous excursions. You can learn more about these models by reading this Mavic Mini review from Dronepedia. Let’s have a look at some of the Mavic models that you should consider buying.

DJI Mavic Mini

dji mini drone

The DJI mini model is a lighter and more compact model. It weighs about 249 grams. This gadget has an average flight time of 30  minutes, and it comes with a high-resolution camera. In addition to this, it features hovering and GPS sensors that give it remarkable stable flight characteristics. The DJI Mavic Mini has great specs and features that make ideal for both professionals and beginners.

Other Features and Specs

  • It has a range of 4 km
  • Lightweight-weighs 249 grams
  • It is foldable
  • It comes with download and GPS sensors
  • Great video and image resolution

DJI Mavic 2-Zoom

This is another amazing model that has new zooming capabilities. It offers 2x digital zoom, 2X optical zoom, thus giving filmmakers and photographers more flexibility while framing their shots. In addition to this, it has advanced tracking capabilities and hybrid autofocus for better accuracy. It also includes a high-resolution 20-megapixel camera.

Other Specs

  • Has a flight time of 31 minutes
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Portable /foldable
  • High-resolution camera

DJI Mavic 2-Pro

This is another remarkable machine made by the Mavic Company. It comes with a sensor that ensures stable signal transmission. The standard package of the Dji 2-pro comes with many accessories that improve its functionality. In addition to this, it has a new transmission system, an obstacle sensor system, and improved flight functions.

the dji pro droneThe Mavic 2-pro machine is designed for content creators, and professional videographers and photographers. Furthermore, it has a portable, compact design, making it an excellent option for commercial drone pilots, documentary compilers, and travel bloggers. It has a long flight time of 30 minutes.

Other Specs

  • Incredible camera
  • Zoom features
  • It weighs 907 grams
  • Great flight time and range
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Tips for Buying a Drone for New Buyers

Buying a drone especially the one that is meant for taking videos and pictures is the new cool thing. And for those who love taking cool pictures but have not yet bought one be sure that you are being left behind. If you are well updated on technology, you must have noticed this new trend of taking photos. People no longer buy smartphones with selfie sticks. Instead, they go for the latest and most advanced drones. And for photo enthusiast buying a drone is the ultimate dream. For those who have heard or have been thinking of buying one of these gadgets, you should not wait but instead, read these tips to help you choose and buy the best drone in the market.


taking pics with a droneAssuming that you will be using the internet to find a drone, the first thing you oath to do when you get online is to read reviews. Understand that drones have been around for some time now and people have bought and tried them. And this being the internet generation, these people usually go back online and rate the items they purchased. Reading reviews made by people who have bought a drone before is the best way to avoid choosing a substandard machine.


As you already know a brand means a lot when it comes to buying drones and other electronic items. Quality brands are known to invest more in there research and always come up with better and quality products. Therefore, when searching for a one, the first thing you need to know is the brand. Note that there are brands that have made quality drones and some of them have even released the latest and most advanced models to enhance the experience of their clients.


modern droneA single brand can have multiple drones of different models. And each model comes loaded with different specs. Therefore, when buying a drone, it is essential that you take your time and do more research so that you can know more about the difference in specifications that comes with these models. Some of the essential specs you need to consider is the camera quality, flight time, and size.

Cost and Warranty

After you have identified the best brand and you have picked the model that has all the specifications you want, the other important factor to consider is the price and warranty. Drones are not expensive, but the cost can rise significantly depending on the brand and the model. But once you find the one that suits your pockets, you should remember to ask for a warranty.