You must use a firewall when surfing online to protect your computer against files that try to access them without your knowledge. When connected to the internet some rogue software and malware attempt to take advantage of the open ports to infiltrate your operating system. The role of a good firewall is to keep a close eye on the malware or software as well as data packets to determine whether they are safe or not. If you are still wondering if you should install a firewall in your computer presented below are some of the reasons why you should use a firewall.

Play Online Games

Online gaming is the ill thing today, and everyone likes to spend some time relaxing playing them. However, its worth noting that various malware that targets online games exist on numerous unsecured or compromised game servers and if you are not protected them your information might fall in the wrong hands. While game publishers do their best to secure their servers its a grand idea to install a firewall before you enjoy your favorite games online when malware tries to access your system while gaming their attempts will be blocked, and your order will be left secure.

Block Unwanted Content

Apart from blocking bad content, a firewall can help you to block unwanted websites on your computer at home or the office. This means that people cannot access some websites on your computer. For instance, if you have kids at home, then you should block pornographic websites so that they cannot access them when you are not around. Also at the office, you can block social media sites that prevent your employees from being productive during working hours.

Monitor Traffic

A firewall will check on all the traffic that enters your computer network. Some firewalls are designed to also test on the traffic that exits your network. The information that your firewall receives in sent over networks via packets. Your firewall investigates the packets to find out if they contain something hazardous or not. Even you could transmit something wrong unknowingly and that’s why its necessary to have a firewall.

Prevent Hacking

A firewall will stop hackers from accessing your network. Without firewall protection, a hacker can access your computer and use it to conduct illicit activity like spreading viruses. Yes, you heard me right! Firewall security will prevent peeping toms from intruding into your computer and accessing your private information.

Block Keyloggers

Are you aware that some people are targeting your keystrokes? Well, having firewall security will minimize the odds of keyloggers monitoring you. After they discover what you have been typing, they can access your passwords and other critical information. In the long run, they might steal from your online accounts.

Meter Bandwidth

If you don’t want to block sites that make your workers unproductive completely, then you can limit the network bandwidth flowing through them. For example, you can reduce the network bandwidth for music, non-business videos and images. You can reserve the bandwidth for activities that will take your business to the next level.